Our Mission

BrendLyn Assisted Living in Palm Coast will promote the dignity independence and self-worth of all of our residents, and strive to give them the best quality of overall life with family and friend participation. The facility staff will continually interview and leave open all communications with the residents individually and collectively to define their ideas that add to their quality of needs that could be met. We encourage mandated resident group activities that want to address the administration. Complaints will be thoroughly investigated and addressed fairly. Discussions of all areas of their home at BrendLyn Assisted Living related to activities, socialization, and choice of food preferences will be encouraged. 

BrendLyn Assisted Living is not just a care giving Assisted Living Facility, we want the residents to be satisfied happy and have peace of mind as it is their home, and their community. We also value the time, skills, and expert opinions of our staff and consultants. We are committed to providing a fair and living wage reasonable working conditions, quality training,

structured work schedules, and clearly defined duties and, spheres of rights and responsibilities for each team member. We do not expect our staff to do work for which they are not properly or poorly trained to perform, We do expect a team effort with them to. share their suggestions for improving any aspect of life in BrendLyn Assisted Living. 

All and any ideas for working operations or care giving will be periodically reviewed, accepted and evaluated. Any needed changes will be observed. We aim to provide jobs which not only provide sustenance for our workers' and their families, but also allow them a space to make a difference in the world around them, through caring and expert assistance to some of our community's most vulnerable members during their time of need.